Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cake Pops, cake pops!!


Let me start off by saying that I love Bakerella's book...... My sister and I wanted to make some the treats the minute we picked up her book.  So here we are on Dec 23 making cake pop from 3pm till almost midnight.  A lot of work but so much fun.  We decided to stick to some simple designs since this was our first time making them.
The night before Bob help me bake the cakes.  
The next day they were cool and ready to work with.  Tamara crumbled up the cake, a messy job but fun.
All crumbled and ready to add the icing.

Working the mixture!

Rolling out the pops!

Mmmmm....looks yummy!!

Couple hours later, nice and cool. Time to decorate!!
Wrapping up the pops with ribbon, for gift giving time!! 
At the end of it all, it was a lot of work, and since my sister and I don't do as much baking any more, we chose this treat to make because it looked simple to do.  It was a bit harder than it looks.  Don't get me wrong it was so much fun, but we were some what tired.
After tasting them, it was really worth the time it took. 
They were yummy!!

Tamara agrees!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thrifting with my Baby

One of my favorite things in life is spending time with my sweetheart.  Thrifting with him is at the top of my list of stuff we do together.  We do it all the time, and I love it!  We were out at a second hand shop this Monday and found some great things, some for the shop & some goodies for us.  Take a peek of some of our new treasures!
Miller Studio Chalk ware Wall Decor-1972

Super cute Basset Hound puzzle, he's wearing a beret! cute

Pretty in Pink
Cute lamb planter from Japan

Acorn salt & pepper shaker

I found another Dean book illustrated by the twin sisters I love, Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone.  This one is really cute, it's about a Weather Family "Seven Rainbow Tales" 1969.  The illustrations are great!

Next Project : making Cake Pops with Tamara, using the book by Bakerella.  Can't wait it will be so much fun!
Till next time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spanish Dinner Party

This pass Saturday my sister, Cory & I went to my old neighbourhood's Christmas Dinner Party.  We use to live in a Latino Co-op.  It was great living there.  My mom lived there for about 19yrs.  So after all that time, you get to really know your neighbours, they become your family.  This years dinner was held in honor of my mom, since she was a big part of that community for years, helping in their office and planting gardens every summer.
Well what can I say about the night, the food was so good, the desserts where the best, "tres leches", "flan" and 4 different kinds of macaroons. Yummy!!!
The entertainment was lots of fun. They had a group that perform traditional folk dances from El Salvador.
dressed in traditional clothing

 Their dresses where wonderful and fun, all bright colours flowing back and forth.

After the performance they had dancing, cumbas, salsa & merenges. Dance dance dance...!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How To Make : Fairy Wings!!

So I saw this video on You Tube of this of Emilie Autumn on HGTV making a pair of fairy wings.  I thought it would be fun to try to make a pair for my niece to give her for Christmas.  I got all my supplies the night before, and started to work on them, but quickly realize that I was not really prepared.  I could not find my brushes, anywhere!  I spent around 2 hours searching for them, and in the back of my mind I knew where they were but was not willing to tackle the garage to look for them.  We had moved into our place back in June/July, then my dad moved in at the end of November, so that meant not unpacking boxes because we were down one room.  The garage is now full of my mom's crafts supplies which i have great expectation of using them all before i die. Plus lots of furniture piece from her home that I decide i wanted to keep. Like her singer sewing machine with table top, old record player and many more items.
So instead of digging around in the garage, I decide to use a couple of eyeshadow brushes, the little one that come with them with sponge tips,..ya that didn't work.  I ran to Walmart, bought brushes and ran back.  Then started all over again.  Here is how I tackled making fairy wings.

3 metal coat hanger
pliers & wire cutters
Acrylic paints
Colored Rhinestones
Paint Brushes
Duct Tape
Incense Stick
Hot glue gun

Ok ready? Here we go, i'll try to write this so it make sense.
Take 2 coat hanger and open them up.  Use each one to to make a wing, left & right.

Twist the end of the wire and wrap with a piece of duct tape.  Make 2 identical shapes.

Then stretch out the pantyhose to cover the wire frame and duct tape the ends. Next, light up your incense stick, blow it out, using the hot end burn holes into your wings, making a neat design.

Now start painting your wings, being as creative as you want...a good hint is try not to use too much paint.  I did and found my wings looked really heavy, not light & airy like fairy wings should.

I really lathered up the paint, then sprinkled lot of glitter.

After I finished painting those wings I decided to make the smaller pair that hang lower.

Paint & sprinkle the little wings with sparkle.  Then add some some rhinestones.

That's Ripley in the back.

 Once everything is dry, you need to tape all 4 wings together with duct tape. Don't worry if it looks bulky or ugly, the tape will be hidden by some lovely ribbon.  Take your glue gun and glue one end of the ribbon to the duct tape, let it dry and wrap the ribbon around the middle, overlapping it several times to hide the tape.  Then you can add more ribbons of different colours & thickness. 

 You need to cut 2 pieces of ribbon that are 1.5ft long each.  These will be used to tie around the lucky "fairy to be" shoulders.  Double knot the ribbon at the edge of the middle section.  All done!!

I hope my instructions were some what easy to follow, the project took me a whole day to do.  I had a blast making them.  Now I just need to wrap them up for my niece.

The finish product!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


This is our kitten Night Crawler!  She is about 7 months now.  I brought her home one day from work(a garden center) after her mother was eaten by a coyote.  Her mother was one of the garden center cats Black Jack, a very pretty and fluffy cat.  The laziest cat I ever met, and I know lazy,..sorry Ripley.  Black Jack was never with her kittens, she had a litter of seven, one died the first day.  The remaining six were always cold and hungry, Night Crawler was the runt and really odd looking, because she was so underweight.  And oh so dirty, she was never properly cleaned by her mum and still ran around with her umbilical cord, poor thing.  The day her mum was eaten(wow that sounds so awful) all the girls at work took turns trying to feed the litter kitten milk and soft food. But by this time the litter was about 6 weeks old and I decided Night Crawler had a better chance of surviving if I toke her home and kept her.  With my mom help she started to gain weight and her personality started to blossom. My mom and sister took her to a vet to get her checked over because her stomach was not holding anything in, they put her on anti-biotic and gave her a bath.  She weighted half a pound and fit in the palm of my hand, but was a little terror.  She would run down the hallway to my mom's room and throw herself onto her legs with all four paws, claws fully out and hang there for a while. And when my mom would try to hold her up with her palm under her bum to support her, Night Crawler would scream as if her fun was being taken away. 
My mom was always so good about me bringing home stray animals that needed a little extra love for a short period of time.  Believe me the list is long.

This guy is Koptos, Bob's cat.  He is much, much older and very vocal.  He loves to howl in the middle of the night in his loudest octave. He is part Siamese and was told that is the reason why he is so vocal.

Today i worked on something for my niece, a pair of fairy wings.  I'll post the pics tomorrow. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Having a Quiet Day

I spent the whole day waiting for 3 boxes to arrive,..ugh!!  The good thing was that I didn't just sit and wait all day, I did do a couple of things at home.  My niece came over for a while and so did Tamara & Cory.  We ended up playing on my deck in the snow because the plan was to take my niece skating at the uptown outdoor rink, but because I had to wait for my packages we just ended playing "sprinkle the snow on Night Crawler (my Kitten)".  She loves the snow!  She is one tough little kitten and has a great story, which I will share one day.
Night Crawler

My biggest pet peeve is waiting...i hate waiting!  For someone who hates waiting I do have a lot of patience.  It doesn't bother me to wait for the pizza delivery(45mins), or having to wait for late buses, or waiting at the emergency room to be seen.  In this case it's the fact that i have to be stuck at home for not just an hour but try 8am till 9pm...13 hours of waiting!  That's the time frame the delivery people gave me,... are you kidding me!!!!  Guess what!  It never showed up, they will be on tomorrows truck. Grrrrrr.....grrrrrr.....  At least I had some good company :)
My niece having a snack.
So the day didn't totally suck, and I did get to do some work, finishing up some orders.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Enjoying a cold day...

So today was really cold.  It was a lazy but enjoyable day as well.  I went grocery shopping with Bob and my dad, then we ate some dinner and watched a movie.  We dinned on some left over soup I made yesterday with whole bunch of ingredients like chicken, bok choy, lentils, parsley, carrots, ham, potatoes, noodles and much more.  It tasted even more yummy served with a side of grilled cheese, A great meal for such an ugly cold day.  After dinner we all headed downstairs to our basement to watch a movie and sip on some coffee.
I took the following pictures tonight via my webcam to email my family in Chile just to say "hello" and "we miss you".


I love my dad and am very happy he is here with us!!!

Well that was my night, how was yours?