Friday, July 27, 2012

Board Games: Scat Cat

This week we picked up a new board game: Scat Cat.  Ever heard of it?  I never seen this game before but we couldn't resits the cats on the cover.
It's a Tomy/Parker bros. game, no date on it.

What a cool cover!  The game looks really simple to play. For ages 5 and up.

The instruction are easy to follow and are written on the bottom of the box.  "Players choose a crazy little cat, place it at the base of the slide.  Someone says "go", and the action begins.  Each player hits his lever and tries to make his cat scat to the top before anyone else.  Be careful though, if you hit the lever too hard and your cat falls off or goes right over the top, you must start again from the bottom.  The cats keep scatting while the little mice keep score.  First one to reach the top 4 times wins!"

Sounds fun!  Can't wait to play.

Favorite cat on the cover, "the gangster".
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Rhyme or Reason

Sometime I feel as if my blog has no rhyme or reason to it.  There is no specific topic I write about, no reoccurring post.  I would like it look a little more polish, and structure.  But then I realize my blog is a great reflection of my life.

The only real structure I have in my life is going to work.  I don't love my job but I need it to pay the bills and have to be there 5 days a week. These 5 days change every week(that is retail for ya), so it's not really that structured.

Me at age 5, hating the structure of kindergarten(plus I hated all the kids too.)

I live my life to the beat of my own drum, my own path.  If I don't feel like doing something, I don't do.    I never go to bed at the same time ever, or watch same movie twice(except for Brigadoon or Breakfast at Tiffanys).  Never follow a recipe the way it is written, let alone measure anything.
I have been at my job since September 2011 and have not wore the same outfit twice.  I have quite a bit of clothes, and a great selection of accessories.

We don't eat the same meal often since I do most of the cooking and like changing things up all the time.  I just have these memories of my mother being bored everyday cooking the same meal for my dad every night - fast fry beef w/ garlic, white rice, tomato and onion salad with a glass of coke.  Don't get me wrong I love that meal, it's a typical Chilean dish, very delicious, but it`s not what fantasize about eating everyday.

I find that I enjoy doing too many things.  I have too many interest and hobbies, but I like it.  Always having something different to do is great.

Bob & I a couple years back

I know my life would be very different if we had kids or a business outside of our home.  No one really depends on us for very much, at least not anymore since my dad passed.

My dad singing tango songs while driving* miss that.

I like my life, I don`t know what brought this on,..I think a comment I got at work, that I did not care much for.  Hmmm.. this post has turned into something totally different then what I was planning on writing about today. I was gonna upload pictures of the Chilean concert my sis and I went to a couple months back, but this is still good so i`ll go with it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day Trippin' - Woodstock

I can't believe it's Friday already!  This week has gone by too fast.  I guess it always does when your on holidays.  Bob and I took the week off just to hang out, clean and unpack.  Also to go on day trips.  Monday we drove to Woodstock(Ontario).  Why Woodstock?  Well we have been there a couple of times for The Nostalgia shows.  We always drove by a bunch of thrift stores and second hand shop.  Plus last year they opens an antique shop call "One of a Kind" which was still so new when we went that it looked like a big mess.

Our first stops were some of the shop on the downtown strip, which included a consignment store, a comic shop, a bookstore and a gaming store.  Bob found a few things, me - nothing.

Then we hit the Bible for Missions.  What a plethora of stuffs.  We must of spent at least 3 hours in there.  So much good stuff.  I love sewing supplies and patterns and found some nice vintage fabrics and patterns.  We picked up 2 framed embroidery art pieces that were so pretty.   Lots of books and albums, scarfs, vintage yellow dresses, purses and books.  I think we went a little wild in there.
Then off to One of Kind Antiques.

We spent so much time at the Mission that we only had 40 mins to look around.  This place is big, and to our surprise clean and organize.  We found a few things like old matchbooks, and some ephemera.
I saw some stuff I liked but felt too rushed, so I didn't pick up anything.  But if these guys are there on Sunday(we might head back), I might take these salt n' pepper shaker home with me.

I don't know why but I love fruits and veggies with faces.  They really appeal to me.  And I love when they are a little worn, it just shows that they were loved and use, and it makes me appreciate them a little more.
After the antique place we grab some dinner and then a walk on the Grand River.  It was a pretty day.

Hope everyone enjoyed the hot week.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day Trippin - St. Jacob

On this fine(hot) day I decided to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon with my sis.
Our destination: St. Jacob Country.

St. Jacob is one of Ontario's favorite rural destination. Home to old order Mennonites who farm the surrounding countryside.

In the town of St.Jacob you get to see all kinds of artistry in many studios, galleries, shops and theatres.
One of them is "The Mill & Silos".

Here you can find some amazing quilt shops.  I have never try quilting, but every time I come to this town, that is what I want to do.  You can learn something new at historic and cultural exhibits.

One of our favorite stores there is "Traces of Heaven"  Love, love this store.  I can not walk out of there with out buying some thing.  Especially because every where you look, you see sparkles and shiny things.  I like shiny things!  This is one of the last places we when went with my mom before she passed.  She treated us to something pretty, because she believe that a woman should not deny themselves from having something that makes them swoon.
Honestly this is the first time my sister and I came back here to shop.  So we treated each other to something lovely.  Hair Clips!!

So pretty...purrr..purrrr...

Oh those earrings, she got those there too.

And my pink new shoes, great walking flats.
Hope your having a great weekend.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Heat, heat heat

Today has been the hottest day this year.  I feel so bad for my sister, she is due in 6 weeks and the humidity is just awful.  So today we decide to go out for desserts in an air condition place. We picked "Williams" for some waffles and ice cream. 

My sister Tamara

I am usually not a big fan of using the air conditioner, but today was so bad we had to.  The day before was pretty hot too, that parts of Toronto were experiencing black outs.   I find that a bit scarey.   The amount of electricity that is being use is excessive.  I know it's hot but there are a lot of other ways to cool down your home in the summer.  Keeping your thermostat at the same temp helps.
Also using "white out" curtains.  They help keep your place cool and reduce your consumption of heat in the winter.  Another way is to plant some shade trees.  Trees on your property that can provide shade in the summer to cool your house down and protection from cold winds in the winter is a smart thing to invest in.  Plus it looks pretty too. 
Keeping your windows close during the peak heat part of the day helps keep out hot air and helps your cool air from escaping. Not using your air conditioning on peak hours helps reduce your city chances of having a  black outs too.


I'm not an expert on electricity usage, but these are things we find helps our pocket book and our environment.  Hope it helps.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Movies: Moonrise Kingdom

To top of this long weekend Bob and I decided to go on a date and see a movie at the Princess Twin Cinema.  We were looking forward to seeing Wes Anderson latest "Moonrise Kingdom" since we love his other films like The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore and my favorite The Life Aquatics with Steve Zissou. 

The feel of the film was a sweet and heartwarming.  A visual delight.  I loved it!!  I totally recommend.  If you like Wes Anderson film style you won't be disappointed.
In our home we have a Aqua inspired wall, mainly with Aquaman figures and art of squids and Kraken, basically anything we find that we love that is sea faring. including a print of  "The Life Aquatics with Steve Zissou" which i love.  Here is a piece that Lucky Jackson made. I kick myself for not buying it, I really love it.

365 Lucky Jackson
I love all of her work, I drool over it.
Here is some other piece I found on the net that I love.

Did you like the film as much as me?  Your thoughts.
Hope your having a good Tuesday!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day Trippin - St.Jacob Farmers' Market

Every other Saturday(work permitting) Bob and I go to St. Jacob's market to do 98% of our grocery shopping.  The other 2% of our groceries is almond milk, which no one sells at the market.  Bob and I decided two years ago that when we started living together we would buy our food as much as we can locally.  In the KW area there are about 4 different market to buy our veggies and fruits.  The Cambridge Farmer's Market in Galt every Wednesday & Saturday, the Preston Towne Market every Thursday,   Kitchener Farmers' Market every Saturday & St. Jacobs Farmers' Market every Thursday & Saturday, and now Tuesday for the rest of the summer.

Local nursery vendor at St.Jacobs.
We are usually in and out at the market, just cause it is really packed.  But this Saturday we decided to enjoy the the day and take our time, have a coffee, and watch some buskers.  It was such a hot day and there so many people every where cause of the long holiday weekend.

Some of our favorite vendors are Hilltop Acres Poultry.  A family owned and operated business were we get our free range eggs and turkey meat.  The crowd the surrounds this place is insane.  A mob every Saturday wanting to buy there goods.  I have been shoved by lots of old ladies wanting to buy their turkey casaba.

The next place we go is the Pepper Shack.  "Two for Five" that's all you hear from the young ladies that tend there.  They have a wild assortment of sweet and hot peppers.

I'm a big meat eater, but I will not go and spent money on cheap meat, from a farm that I won't know how the animals are treated.  I prefer to meet the people who care for the animals and prepare them for consumption.  I don't care if "Food Basics" has a sale on ground beef or chicken breast.  I'm sorry but it is probably crap, and the animals where also treated like crap.  We started buying our beef and pork from D.J's Farm Fresh Meat Shop.  They are from Elora and have by far the best tasting stuff.  It cost a bit more but I know that the meat has no preservatives of antibiotics or dyes. Plus they encourage people to come by there farm to see how well all the animals are treated.

Here are a couple of other vendors we frequent.

After the market we crossed the road to spend the afternoon indoors at the St.Jacob Antique Market. I'll post some pictures of thing I loved by where too pricey.

Hope everyone is enjoying there long weekend.