Thursday, April 19, 2012

Proyecto Altiplano with special guests, Freddy Torrealba and Grupo Chile

Just bought our tickets!! This Saturday night we will be watching and listening to some great Chilean entertainment. Thank you to Neruda Production who is wonderfully bring these three acts together.
 First Proyecto Antiplano.

Proyecto Altiplano (means“Highlands Project”) is a collective of Latin American/Canadian musicians. Blending  sounds of a combination of Latin American traditional, Roots music, traditional Andean, modern contemporary, rhythms of the Indigenous, African and Creole, with elements of Latin American Folk, popular music and Jazz.
I have never seen them live and I'm really excited.
They play songs from Chilean folk artist that I love, such as Violeta Parra, Victor Jara, Jose Seves,

Second to perform is Freddy Torrealba.

Freddy Torrealba
Freddy is a Chilean charango musician.  The charango is a five paired stringed instrument, used in the South America and Central America. Originating in the highlands of Bolivia.  It's one of the instrument I wish I took up when I was young.  My sister and I were offered lessons by a neighbor who was a classic folk music teacher.  I am really excited to see this man.

Third to perform is Grupo Chile.  


 Grupo Chile is a Canadian form dance troupe.   Grupo Chile includes a range of music and dances representing the most important folkloric regions of Chile; the North with strong influence of Aymara culture; the South with traditions of Chiloe Island; and the mystery of the Polynesian Easter Island; as well the group performs dances of the Central Region of Chile, highlighted by Chile's national dance "La Cueca".

La Cueca

I"m excited for this Saturday night, and I know my sis and I will have a blast.  It will be nice to see some of the Chilean community out and having a good time.  Some neighbors we haven't seen since my mom's memorial over a year and a half ago.
So if your in Kitchener Saturday April 21, come out and enjoy a great Chilean culture fill night at the Chrysalids Theatre, 137 Ontario St. N.