Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Having a Quiet Day

I spent the whole day waiting for 3 boxes to arrive,..ugh!!  The good thing was that I didn't just sit and wait all day, I did do a couple of things at home.  My niece came over for a while and so did Tamara & Cory.  We ended up playing on my deck in the snow because the plan was to take my niece skating at the uptown outdoor rink, but because I had to wait for my packages we just ended playing "sprinkle the snow on Night Crawler (my Kitten)".  She loves the snow!  She is one tough little kitten and has a great story, which I will share one day.
Night Crawler

My biggest pet peeve is waiting...i hate waiting!  For someone who hates waiting I do have a lot of patience.  It doesn't bother me to wait for the pizza delivery(45mins), or having to wait for late buses, or waiting at the emergency room to be seen.  In this case it's the fact that i have to be stuck at home for not just an hour but try 8am till 9pm...13 hours of waiting!  That's the time frame the delivery people gave me,... are you kidding me!!!!  Guess what!  It never showed up, they will be on tomorrows truck. Grrrrrr.....grrrrrr.....  At least I had some good company :)
My niece having a snack.
So the day didn't totally suck, and I did get to do some work, finishing up some orders.

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