Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Board Games: The Great Turtle Race

While checking out my usual thrift stops last week, I came across this great gem.  The Great Turtle Race.  This board game is in great shape with all the pieces included.

It is a Parker Bro. game. Made in Canada from 1976. Ages 3 to 10.

Here is a Canadian commerical in french.

You get 3 plastic turtles a spinner and the board you use is the inside bottom part of the the box.  It's a bright pretty colorful box.  The board inside also spins when the turtle goes on "wake-up" mode.

We played with my 6yr old niece. She loved it, thought it was fun and silly.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Glimps at our Tree!

This year the theme of our Christmas tree is "Everything".  I put everything in my tree.  All the vintage finds from this and last year.  So it's pretty full.  Which helps keep my cat out of the tree.  Bonus!!


My only vintage snowman ornament.

 I picked some German Christmas ornament from the Kris Kindle Market a couple of Saturdays ago.

Hope everyone is enjoying the season.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vintage Costume Jewelry Finds

  We were out and about yesterday at our usual spots, looking for gift ideas, when I found some pretty exciting vintage jewelry pieces.
The first thing I spotted was a D'Orlan gold tone necklace.  Now this D'Orlan necklace is nothing like the ones I use to sell at the jewelry counter at The Buchart Gardens.  Those one are the kind with the glass beads and semi-precious stones.  I happen to have a set that my mother gave to me(it was gift from my father when they first came to Canada).

So on returning home I started to do some research. I found a couple of good sites. Vintage North was a really good source and so was Creed Canada.  Some things I knew from before and I learned a few things too.  Here's a short summary: D'Orlan was founded in 1957 by Mr. Maurice J. Bradden.  In the 50's he became Mr.Boucher’s protégé.  Mr. Marcel Boucher was a prolific designer of costume jewelry and his names signify quality materials and craftsmanship.  In 1979 (after his death)Mr.Boucher's designs and molds were sold to D’Orlan Industries of Toronto, Canada.  Pieces that are made from the original Boucher`s molds have the D`Orlan mark and an inventory number
 Which the piece that I picked up has, the D’Orlan stamp and an inventory number "1399" on the back by the clasps.  It`s a really pretty piece.

The second piece was was a really neat resin necklace.

I have no idea who made it, or where it`s from and when it was made.  It has a clasps tag, and I can`t figure out what it stands for.  If anyone knows something about this piece, please leave a comment.
This necklace is gentle loved and is in great shape.

Does anyone recognize this symbol
The third piece is a pair of plastic and metal earrings.  Pretty and simple.