Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Enjoying a cold day...

So today was really cold.  It was a lazy but enjoyable day as well.  I went grocery shopping with Bob and my dad, then we ate some dinner and watched a movie.  We dinned on some left over soup I made yesterday with whole bunch of ingredients like chicken, bok choy, lentils, parsley, carrots, ham, potatoes, noodles and much more.  It tasted even more yummy served with a side of grilled cheese, A great meal for such an ugly cold day.  After dinner we all headed downstairs to our basement to watch a movie and sip on some coffee.
I took the following pictures tonight via my webcam to email my family in Chile just to say "hello" and "we miss you".


I love my dad and am very happy he is here with us!!!

Well that was my night, how was yours?

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