Friday, December 17, 2010


This is our kitten Night Crawler!  She is about 7 months now.  I brought her home one day from work(a garden center) after her mother was eaten by a coyote.  Her mother was one of the garden center cats Black Jack, a very pretty and fluffy cat.  The laziest cat I ever met, and I know lazy,..sorry Ripley.  Black Jack was never with her kittens, she had a litter of seven, one died the first day.  The remaining six were always cold and hungry, Night Crawler was the runt and really odd looking, because she was so underweight.  And oh so dirty, she was never properly cleaned by her mum and still ran around with her umbilical cord, poor thing.  The day her mum was eaten(wow that sounds so awful) all the girls at work took turns trying to feed the litter kitten milk and soft food. But by this time the litter was about 6 weeks old and I decided Night Crawler had a better chance of surviving if I toke her home and kept her.  With my mom help she started to gain weight and her personality started to blossom. My mom and sister took her to a vet to get her checked over because her stomach was not holding anything in, they put her on anti-biotic and gave her a bath.  She weighted half a pound and fit in the palm of my hand, but was a little terror.  She would run down the hallway to my mom's room and throw herself onto her legs with all four paws, claws fully out and hang there for a while. And when my mom would try to hold her up with her palm under her bum to support her, Night Crawler would scream as if her fun was being taken away. 
My mom was always so good about me bringing home stray animals that needed a little extra love for a short period of time.  Believe me the list is long.

This guy is Koptos, Bob's cat.  He is much, much older and very vocal.  He loves to howl in the middle of the night in his loudest octave. He is part Siamese and was told that is the reason why he is so vocal.

Today i worked on something for my niece, a pair of fairy wings.  I'll post the pics tomorrow. 

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