Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vintage Danish Plastic Jewelry

When I was 8 or 9 my mom gave me a brooch of a pink nylon plastic elephant with a clear rhinestone on it's eye.  I loved this pin, more than any other piece of jewelry that I had at the time.  Sadly that brooch and the majority of my childhood artifacts were all picked up by a junk collection company a couple of years ago.  The great thing is that I see this brooch for sale on Etsy every once and awhile, so I know I can pick one up when I want it back in my life.

So with that memory as inspiration I write this post, "Vintage Danish Plastic Brooch".
Over the past 4 years I have been able to find a few Buch + Deichmann pins, thanks to "Talize"(a second hand shop down the street) I have found them in 3 different styles, Dolphin, Mask, and the Bird.  The bird is my favorite.

 Here is some information on the company that use to make these gem.  B+D( Buch + Deichmann)started up in Denmark in the early 70s.  Buch + Deichmann made jewelry till the late 80's and now just make eyeglasses and watches. They also made bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories.  I remember wearing this exact one in my hair as a kid.


They had a designer who's name was Ketty Dalsgaard.  She was inspired by the shiny rings from the moors of fishing boats to create a line of brightly-colored nylon plastic bracelets. I never had any of these but now I want them so bad!  Her collection as had nylon plastic earrings, chokers.

They are all so pretty!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Second Hand Craft Supply Haul

I'm a big fan of using and purchasing second hand craft supplies. We have some great local places where I get a lot of my stuff at such as Talize, Value Village, BFM, Goodwill, Worth a Second Look.  You can pick up some great grab bags with an interesting mixture of things.  It gives you the opportunity to use new supplies that you would have never picked up at "Micheal's".  An added bonus to helping the planet by reusing and recycling, is that these grab bag don't cost too much.  This grab bag cost my $2.99
Let take a look at what came in the bag.
First are these great bells, 15 little bags in an assortment of styles and sizes. Approx. 142 bells!
I have great project in mind for these, and will post about when I get it done.

Next, are the beads. 10-60" strands of gold tone beads in 4 different sizes and styles.


All the packaged bead came from a bead shop in Arcadia, Florida, Jenefa Arts & Crafts.  As far as I could find, this craft store is no longer in business, and the company that has the address now, has been at that location since 1983.

There is was also about 8 other packages of random color beads as well.


Some baggies of pom poms.


Two really cool items that came in the bag was a carved pink bird button and a sterling silver necklace with 5 blue beads.



I truly recommend heading out to your local thrift store to look for supplies on your next project.