Thursday, March 31, 2011

The people @ Comic Con

So one of the many cool things about these conventions is meeting new people.  And of course seeing your idols in the flesh.  This year the only one I was really interested in meeting and maybe paid to get an autograph was from Billy Dee Williams. 
I was satisfied with just taking a picture of him.  
We ended up getting an autograph  from Arron Douglas, he played  "Chief" in BSG.  I was so happy to meet and talk to him. 
What a cool guy, so funny! 
His friend next to him at the same booth was Toby Proctor.  He is a voice and film actor.  He did the voice of "Tuxedo Mask" from the Sailor Moon cartoons.
I really enjoyed talking to these guys because they let you know what cool things are coming up, like the new series of Sailor Moon graphic novels that will be release in May 2011.  How cool is that!
And of course another one of my favorites is my friend Sam Tweedle.  We always see him at the Fan Expos and Comic Cons every year.  He always has great stories to share with us from the many interviews he does at these things.
Sam is the writer of a really wonderful blog called Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict.  He interviews some of films greatest movie & t.v stars and pop culture icons.
Also, I met a bunch of great gals from the Toronto Roller Derby.  They were taking names for a draw to win a pair a tickets to their next match.  I one a pair but unfortunately I couldn't go :(
My sister and I talked about maybe getting into roller derby, it looks like a lot of fun.
That's just some of the wonderful people that I got a chance to talk to.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Comic Con Part 2

The People!
I love looking at all the people who come to these things.  This event was much smaller than the Fan Expo in the summer time, but you get to see some die hard fans out there.  It cool to see people get all dressed up in their favorite character, and the effort they put into their costume.  That takes commitment to make your outfit, and then wear for the whole day(over 8 hours). Here are a couple of people who caught my eye.
Senior Lando
I thought this guy did good with his outfit.  I was very impressed.
Streefight chic & Supergirl
Ghost Buster & Darth Vader
Good job to everyone!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Comic Con Part 1

We had lots of fun at Comic Con weekend.  There is so much to see, lots of artist, stars, information tables & vendors.  My personal favorites are seeing the artist, and picking up a print of their work.  I was impress with a few and saw a couple that I've been a fan of for a long time. Like Lamin Martin, his work is so beautiful.  Every year we try to pick up his latest collection.
"Fields" - Lamin Martin
JM Ken Niimura is a new artist to me.  He had some great illustration for sale and a collection of his work in graphic novel form.  He is from Japan/Spain and now lives in Montreal. He has a blog were he uploads a chapter of his comic every Monday called "514H". Check it out!
This was the print he was selling at the convention.  All the profits were going to support Japan Red Cross Society. 

Agnes Garbowska is another artist that I really enjoyed. 

She has a couple of children book out called "Yogurt the Ogre".  Really cute stuff.
She has an online comic you can read called "You, me and Zombie"
This is the print we picked up.
Love it!!
That it for part one, there is a couple of more artist that I love.  I will share those with you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toronto Comic Con Wizard World Convention!

Hey everyone.
Been out of touch lately.  Spending alot of time with my dad, he's been feeling ill.
Plus my memory card with my latest pictures got all screwy.  It why I haven't review anything or been able to share some of the things I been working on, like my craft for the International Craft swap. :(
My camera keeps telling me to format my card.  Is this normal? If I format it will it erase all my pictures on it?  I have over a thousand pics on it.  Unfortunately my computer won't let me load them up either.  Arrgh..has this happen to anyone else? 
Well aside from those things, I am excited about his weekend coming up.  Bob and I are going to Comic Con in Toronto!!! He's been going to them for a couple of years, my first was last year.  I got to meet my child hood crush Gil Gerard who played Buck Rogers!! As a child I was in love with him.
 It was a great day in Cassandra History, we got to meet him and Erin Gray who played Wilma Deering.
They were both really nice and we got a picture and an autograph.  Which will go up in our Buck Rogers Corner in our bedroom.
 Well this time around I am looking forward to meeting Billy Dee Williams, Lando from Empire Strike Back.
We saw him before a couple summers ago at Fan Expo but never got around to getting his autograph.  So hopefully we can get it this time, if it doesn't cost too much.
I will definitely pick up a new memory card and take lots of pictures to share.