Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spanish Dinner Party

This pass Saturday my sister, Cory & I went to my old neighbourhood's Christmas Dinner Party.  We use to live in a Latino Co-op.  It was great living there.  My mom lived there for about 19yrs.  So after all that time, you get to really know your neighbours, they become your family.  This years dinner was held in honor of my mom, since she was a big part of that community for years, helping in their office and planting gardens every summer.
Well what can I say about the night, the food was so good, the desserts where the best, "tres leches", "flan" and 4 different kinds of macaroons. Yummy!!!
The entertainment was lots of fun. They had a group that perform traditional folk dances from El Salvador.
dressed in traditional clothing

 Their dresses where wonderful and fun, all bright colours flowing back and forth.

After the performance they had dancing, cumbas, salsa & merenges. Dance dance dance...!

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