Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How To Make : Fairy Wings!!

So I saw this video on You Tube of this of Emilie Autumn on HGTV making a pair of fairy wings.  I thought it would be fun to try to make a pair for my niece to give her for Christmas.  I got all my supplies the night before, and started to work on them, but quickly realize that I was not really prepared.  I could not find my brushes, anywhere!  I spent around 2 hours searching for them, and in the back of my mind I knew where they were but was not willing to tackle the garage to look for them.  We had moved into our place back in June/July, then my dad moved in at the end of November, so that meant not unpacking boxes because we were down one room.  The garage is now full of my mom's crafts supplies which i have great expectation of using them all before i die. Plus lots of furniture piece from her home that I decide i wanted to keep. Like her singer sewing machine with table top, old record player and many more items.
So instead of digging around in the garage, I decide to use a couple of eyeshadow brushes, the little one that come with them with sponge tips,..ya that didn't work.  I ran to Walmart, bought brushes and ran back.  Then started all over again.  Here is how I tackled making fairy wings.

3 metal coat hanger
pliers & wire cutters
Acrylic paints
Colored Rhinestones
Paint Brushes
Duct Tape
Incense Stick
Hot glue gun

Ok ready? Here we go, i'll try to write this so it make sense.
Take 2 coat hanger and open them up.  Use each one to to make a wing, left & right.

Twist the end of the wire and wrap with a piece of duct tape.  Make 2 identical shapes.

Then stretch out the pantyhose to cover the wire frame and duct tape the ends. Next, light up your incense stick, blow it out, using the hot end burn holes into your wings, making a neat design.

Now start painting your wings, being as creative as you want...a good hint is try not to use too much paint.  I did and found my wings looked really heavy, not light & airy like fairy wings should.

I really lathered up the paint, then sprinkled lot of glitter.

After I finished painting those wings I decided to make the smaller pair that hang lower.

Paint & sprinkle the little wings with sparkle.  Then add some some rhinestones.

That's Ripley in the back.

 Once everything is dry, you need to tape all 4 wings together with duct tape. Don't worry if it looks bulky or ugly, the tape will be hidden by some lovely ribbon.  Take your glue gun and glue one end of the ribbon to the duct tape, let it dry and wrap the ribbon around the middle, overlapping it several times to hide the tape.  Then you can add more ribbons of different colours & thickness. 

 You need to cut 2 pieces of ribbon that are 1.5ft long each.  These will be used to tie around the lucky "fairy to be" shoulders.  Double knot the ribbon at the edge of the middle section.  All done!!

I hope my instructions were some what easy to follow, the project took me a whole day to do.  I had a blast making them.  Now I just need to wrap them up for my niece.

The finish product!!

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