Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day Trippin - St. Jacob

On this fine(hot) day I decided to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon with my sis.
Our destination: St. Jacob Country.

St. Jacob is one of Ontario's favorite rural destination. Home to old order Mennonites who farm the surrounding countryside.

In the town of St.Jacob you get to see all kinds of artistry in many studios, galleries, shops and theatres.
One of them is "The Mill & Silos".

Here you can find some amazing quilt shops.  I have never try quilting, but every time I come to this town, that is what I want to do.  You can learn something new at historic and cultural exhibits.

One of our favorite stores there is "Traces of Heaven"  Love, love this store.  I can not walk out of there with out buying some thing.  Especially because every where you look, you see sparkles and shiny things.  I like shiny things!  This is one of the last places we when went with my mom before she passed.  She treated us to something pretty, because she believe that a woman should not deny themselves from having something that makes them swoon.
Honestly this is the first time my sister and I came back here to shop.  So we treated each other to something lovely.  Hair Clips!!

So pretty...purrr..purrrr...

Oh those earrings, she got those there too.

And my pink new shoes, great walking flats.
Hope your having a great weekend.