Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Movies: Moonrise Kingdom

To top of this long weekend Bob and I decided to go on a date and see a movie at the Princess Twin Cinema.  We were looking forward to seeing Wes Anderson latest "Moonrise Kingdom" since we love his other films like The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore and my favorite The Life Aquatics with Steve Zissou. 

The feel of the film was a sweet and heartwarming.  A visual delight.  I loved it!!  I totally recommend.  If you like Wes Anderson film style you won't be disappointed.
In our home we have a Aqua inspired wall, mainly with Aquaman figures and art of squids and Kraken, basically anything we find that we love that is sea faring. including a print of  "The Life Aquatics with Steve Zissou" which i love.  Here is a piece that Lucky Jackson made. I kick myself for not buying it, I really love it.

365 Lucky Jackson
I love all of her work, I drool over it.
Here is some other piece I found on the net that I love.

Did you like the film as much as me?  Your thoughts.
Hope your having a good Tuesday!

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