Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day Trippin - St.Jacob Farmers' Market

Every other Saturday(work permitting) Bob and I go to St. Jacob's market to do 98% of our grocery shopping.  The other 2% of our groceries is almond milk, which no one sells at the market.  Bob and I decided two years ago that when we started living together we would buy our food as much as we can locally.  In the KW area there are about 4 different market to buy our veggies and fruits.  The Cambridge Farmer's Market in Galt every Wednesday & Saturday, the Preston Towne Market every Thursday,   Kitchener Farmers' Market every Saturday & St. Jacobs Farmers' Market every Thursday & Saturday, and now Tuesday for the rest of the summer.

Local nursery vendor at St.Jacobs.
We are usually in and out at the market, just cause it is really packed.  But this Saturday we decided to enjoy the the day and take our time, have a coffee, and watch some buskers.  It was such a hot day and there so many people every where cause of the long holiday weekend.

Some of our favorite vendors are Hilltop Acres Poultry.  A family owned and operated business were we get our free range eggs and turkey meat.  The crowd the surrounds this place is insane.  A mob every Saturday wanting to buy there goods.  I have been shoved by lots of old ladies wanting to buy their turkey casaba.

The next place we go is the Pepper Shack.  "Two for Five" that's all you hear from the young ladies that tend there.  They have a wild assortment of sweet and hot peppers.

I'm a big meat eater, but I will not go and spent money on cheap meat, from a farm that I won't know how the animals are treated.  I prefer to meet the people who care for the animals and prepare them for consumption.  I don't care if "Food Basics" has a sale on ground beef or chicken breast.  I'm sorry but it is probably crap, and the animals where also treated like crap.  We started buying our beef and pork from D.J's Farm Fresh Meat Shop.  They are from Elora and have by far the best tasting stuff.  It cost a bit more but I know that the meat has no preservatives of antibiotics or dyes. Plus they encourage people to come by there farm to see how well all the animals are treated.

Here are a couple of other vendors we frequent.

After the market we crossed the road to spend the afternoon indoors at the St.Jacob Antique Market. I'll post some pictures of thing I loved by where too pricey.

Hope everyone is enjoying there long weekend.

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