Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toronto Comic Con Wizard World Convention!

Hey everyone.
Been out of touch lately.  Spending alot of time with my dad, he's been feeling ill.
Plus my memory card with my latest pictures got all screwy.  It why I haven't review anything or been able to share some of the things I been working on, like my craft for the International Craft swap. :(
My camera keeps telling me to format my card.  Is this normal? If I format it will it erase all my pictures on it?  I have over a thousand pics on it.  Unfortunately my computer won't let me load them up either.  Arrgh..has this happen to anyone else? 
Well aside from those things, I am excited about his weekend coming up.  Bob and I are going to Comic Con in Toronto!!! He's been going to them for a couple of years, my first was last year.  I got to meet my child hood crush Gil Gerard who played Buck Rogers!! As a child I was in love with him.
 It was a great day in Cassandra History, we got to meet him and Erin Gray who played Wilma Deering.
They were both really nice and we got a picture and an autograph.  Which will go up in our Buck Rogers Corner in our bedroom.
 Well this time around I am looking forward to meeting Billy Dee Williams, Lando from Empire Strike Back.
We saw him before a couple summers ago at Fan Expo but never got around to getting his autograph.  So hopefully we can get it this time, if it doesn't cost too much.
I will definitely pick up a new memory card and take lots of pictures to share.

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