Thursday, March 31, 2011

The people @ Comic Con

So one of the many cool things about these conventions is meeting new people.  And of course seeing your idols in the flesh.  This year the only one I was really interested in meeting and maybe paid to get an autograph was from Billy Dee Williams. 
I was satisfied with just taking a picture of him.  
We ended up getting an autograph  from Arron Douglas, he played  "Chief" in BSG.  I was so happy to meet and talk to him. 
What a cool guy, so funny! 
His friend next to him at the same booth was Toby Proctor.  He is a voice and film actor.  He did the voice of "Tuxedo Mask" from the Sailor Moon cartoons.
I really enjoyed talking to these guys because they let you know what cool things are coming up, like the new series of Sailor Moon graphic novels that will be release in May 2011.  How cool is that!
And of course another one of my favorites is my friend Sam Tweedle.  We always see him at the Fan Expos and Comic Cons every year.  He always has great stories to share with us from the many interviews he does at these things.
Sam is the writer of a really wonderful blog called Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict.  He interviews some of films greatest movie & t.v stars and pop culture icons.
Also, I met a bunch of great gals from the Toronto Roller Derby.  They were taking names for a draw to win a pair a tickets to their next match.  I one a pair but unfortunately I couldn't go :(
My sister and I talked about maybe getting into roller derby, it looks like a lot of fun.
That's just some of the wonderful people that I got a chance to talk to.

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  1. looks like loads of fun. look at you with all those ultra cool people :)