Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Comic Con Part 1

We had lots of fun at Comic Con weekend.  There is so much to see, lots of artist, stars, information tables & vendors.  My personal favorites are seeing the artist, and picking up a print of their work.  I was impress with a few and saw a couple that I've been a fan of for a long time. Like Lamin Martin, his work is so beautiful.  Every year we try to pick up his latest collection.
"Fields" - Lamin Martin
JM Ken Niimura is a new artist to me.  He had some great illustration for sale and a collection of his work in graphic novel form.  He is from Japan/Spain and now lives in Montreal. He has a blog were he uploads a chapter of his comic every Monday called "514H". Check it out!
This was the print he was selling at the convention.  All the profits were going to support Japan Red Cross Society. 

Agnes Garbowska is another artist that I really enjoyed. 

She has a couple of children book out called "Yogurt the Ogre".  Really cute stuff.
She has an online comic you can read called "You, me and Zombie"
This is the print we picked up.
Love it!!
That it for part one, there is a couple of more artist that I love.  I will share those with you tomorrow.

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