Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crafty Times with Tamara & Cory

We are making some festive decoration tonight.  Tamara & Cory are working on making a pink reflective chain garland to hang around our living room.

They are using:
~ pre-loved foil wrapping paper
~ Elmer's glue stick
~ scissors

Taking a break to enjoy the chocolate in foil wrapper before using it!!

Cory has blue, purple & silver foil wrapping paper, and Tamara is using metallic pink wrapping.

1. Cut strips of your choice of paper

2. Use your glue stick to join one side to the other to make a loop, hold for 30 sec.

3. Take the next strip and hold it flat through the loop you just glued, then using the glue stick join the ends together, hold for 30sec. 

4. Continue with each strip, until you have the length of chain you want.

This an fun craft to do, and it's uses a lot of scrapepaper floating around. When we have them all done and hanging I will post some pictures.

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