Monday, August 6, 2012

Niagara Roller Girls

Two Saturdays ago Tamara and I ventured to the Niagara Region.  This was the last long distant trip Tamara will be taking for a awhile.  I feel privileged that she chose to spend it with me. We also wanted to go see my nephew's girlfriend Roller Derby team play in St.Cathrine. The bout did not start till 5:30 so hung out in Niagara, mostly at the Casino.  Tamara is over 8 months pregnant and walking around outside, sweating did not appeal to her.  We got to play a bit of the slots and have the buffet for dinner.  It was a good time.

Here is my Outfit of the Day!

My new red belt from Talize for 4 bucks, makes me feel like a Super Hero.
And I have to be honest, I love my Cork wedge heel red shoes but they hurt my feet like a bitch, so I quickly traded them in for flats.

Roller Derby
So this was my first time at a live roller derby bout.  I have to say that I loved it and I am so damn interest in learning more and possibly joining a local team.
What I love was that the teams were made up of girls of all different sizes, big, small, tall, short.  They are all needed in a team.  My sis  and I were blown away by one girl, DEVO from the Vineyard Vixens.  She is a heavier girl and one of the best "Jammers" that night.  What a "jammer" job is to skate through the pack and scores points by passing their opponents in bounds, while trying to obtain lead "jammer".  Needless to say you have to have speed and endurance, which Devo had but she also was gracefully and would just glide pass the pack with ease. She rocked!!

Devo in the white shirt, green helmet
Dalhousie Destroyers Team
 Man, after the games I felt so inspired and motivated to learn how to roller skate.  All the girls from the all the team were encouraging each other and cheering for one another.  Great bunch of gals!
Plus on the ride home we were coming up with cool names for ourselves, Chile con Carnage, The Cas-trator, Llama 2 Shots, Machu Punch You, and a couple more which I can't remember.  Which name do you like?


  1. Lovely skirt, I love polka dots :)

  2. great! I love that you have a friend named Tamara and went to a bout. My name is Tamara & I'm a derby girl. :o)

    1. Yeah Tamara's rock!! She is actually my sis.
      Stop by to check your blog, you are an amazing photographer!! Such lovely work.

      I'm excited to get involve in the derby. How long have you been playing?
      Thanks for stopping by.

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    Have a great day!


  4. Hello! I'm a Niagara Roller Girl (Hard Kor from the Maids of the Fist) and I just wanted to say a big Thank You for the post! You're so right about Devo ~ She is friggin awesome :) Glad you had fun at our bout & hope you'll come back again next season~ Cheers!