Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enjoying the sun with Yetti

This past week we had to put one of our cats down.  It was really sad and upsetting.  Dax was our black male cat that I had from a kitten for about 16 years.  He started dropping weight but was still eating and drinking water, then last Monday he started puking white foam all day.  When we noticed it was a bit pinky we took him to the Emergency Animal Hospital.  The doctor told us he had a large tumor in his upper ab.  With the vet's advice we decided to put him down.  It was an upsetting night. The house feels a little bit empty despite having four more cats and a guinea pig(who tends to be louder than all four cats together).

This past weekend I decided to let Yetti out on the deck for the afternoon for some fresh air.
  Even though we have been in this house for almost 2 years this the first time Yetti has enjoyed the outdoors. My initial  plan was to have chicken wire enclosure for her to be free to eat grass and clover, but we live in a condo townhouse and are not in charge of the lawn care.  So I do not know what the lawn care company uses on the the grass.
Nightcrawler hanging with Yetti

I have been a guinea pig owner most of my life.  I got my first one when I was in grade 7 for Christmas, and have had one ever since(except for the five years I lived in British Columbia).

Aside from hanging out with the pets and working I have been working hard with my sister preparing for her baby shower coming up this Sunday.  It will be a big family BBQ and landscaping her backyard has been the biggest job especially making sure that her backyard was finished and open enough to entertain over 30 guess.  I love working outdoors and gardening BUT I have to say I am excited not to be tied up on my free day working on her backyard.

I still have been able to thrift a bit too, and have found some cool stuff. We found 2 more of the Eden wall board.
They were a buck each from the Goodwill!  They will go on my bedroom wall with the other one I found before.
I found her at Value Village for 4 dollars.  I found 2 scarfs one from Japan the other from France. Pretty!
Plus some fun puzzles and kids books.  We booked off a week in the beginning of July for holidays and plan on doing some thrifting road trips around southern Ontario.  I can't wait, we both need a break to just chill and enjoy life.

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