Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quellon, Chile

After my dad passed away I started to feel like my last connection to my parents homeland was gone.  I started going through all the conversation that I had with him about places he always wanted to take us(his children) in Chile.  The towns where he had the best "mariscos" - seafood, or "empanadas".  Or the town his great uncle lived, where he spent one of his summers, eating and drinking the best food he have ever had.  He always joked that being in Valdivia for 3 months made him gain so much weight.  He told me that we still have family down there and to try to visit them one day.
Along with trying to recall conversations with him I also started listening to radio stations from Chile.  It's something in the way Chileans speak that makes me feel like i am with family.  The one station I fell in love with is Radio Quellon 100.5 FM

I have been listening to this station for about 2 weeks.  They play lots of old folk music and have a good variety of programs.  The more I listen to this station the more I want to travel to this town.
Quellon is in Los Lagos(The Lakes) region.  It is in the southern region of the Chiloe Island.  It is a fishing and farming town.  Take a look at Chiloe Island travel & tourism page.


Doesn't this place looks lovely, can't go wrong with water and mountains.

Here is a link to a tour guide page if anyone wants to take a trip there too.


I think that I would like to live there one day.

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