Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentines Day

So Valentines Day was lovely. Thank you to my "Love" for the cute gifts of chocolate and sweet heart socks.  We exchanged homemade cards and dined on chocolate/ginger cake. Yummy.  I made my boyfriend a card with rats and a cat.

I think it turned out cute.

For the cake I used 2 different cake mixes (chocolate & ginger). I prepared them just like the box said to, then I took half of each mix put then in separate bowls and mixed vanilla pudding mix plus 1 cup of almond milk. Then layered all four mixes in a greased bunt pan.

 The cake turned out so moist & chewy. I melted icing in the microwave and poured on the warm cake.  Add pretty sprinkles and done.

It was such a nice, despite getting to filling done in the morning.  That was kind of gross.

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