Saturday, January 8, 2011

Craft Corner Clean-Up

Tonight I have to do some serious tiding up.  Especially in my craft corner, it's been my dumping ground for everything I don't have a home for.  My table has layers upon layers of stuff ready to landslide right off onto one my poor unsuspecting kitties below:(  Plus I need to take down my decorations and pack up my lights. 

Mommy and baby lamb
These past couple weeks I've picked some really cute knick knacks while out thrifting that need a proper place to shine. 

Lets hope I don't get distracted, which I honestly always do.  It's one of my worse traits, that and procrastinating.  So bad for leaving everything till the last moment to do.
If I do indeed get my area done I will post some before and after shots, so I better get to work.  Till later.

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