Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vibrating Mascara!!?

This week we are reviewing the "Sonic Boost Vibrating Mascara".  Vibrate, separate, captivate. This is how Avon describes this product:

Power up your lashes with intense volume, dramatic definition...and eye-opening length and lift. Micro-vibrating brush pushes bristles through lashes for the ultimate coverage and separation. 8000 vibrations per minute help lashes instantly look fuller, longer, lifted & intensely defined. .247 fl. oz.
 It's regularly sells for $16.00, but right now it's on sell for $12.99.

So here are Tamara's thoughts on the mascara:
I love mascara, i use it everyday so I am quite picky when it comes to what type of mascara I will subject my eyes to.  I am familiar with a few differnt "vibrating" mascaras like Maybelline's Pulse Perfection Vibrating mascara. That particular one is my mascara of choice these days because I find most regular mascaras do not keep my lashes seperated and long. So when I heard that Avon released a vibrating mascara, I was all over it, ready to give it a try!

1). it's easy to use. I don't need to hold down a button to maintain the vibration in the mascara, which at times can be annoying with Maybellines Pulse Perfection. Also, I found that the actual vibration was stronger on the Avon Sonic Boost than the Maybelline Pulse Perfection. This helped the seperation effect on my lashes. Its good to note that the vibration was not too strong that it caused a tickle in my eye.

2). the brush of the Sonic Boost is much, much thicker and bristlier..is that a word?..and so the Avon mascara is definitely made to help thicken as you seperate. A huge plus because the Maybelline mascara has a thin, plastic brush so that it will seperate but it does nothing to thicken lashes. Take note that because of the thick brush on the Avon Sonic Boost, the first couple of times you use it you may have to dab off some mascara before applying on your lashes.

3). I have naturaly oily skin, so all of my eyeliners and  mascaras are always waterproof. But the Sonic Boost is not, so I was apprehensive about the staying power of the mascara.  I was pleasantly surprised because it lasted all day and did not give me the raccoon eye look that most non-waterproof mascaras give me. I even slept with it on to see what it could do. When I woke up, some of the mascara had come off but it was only a tad bit a smudged, but not enough to truly notice.
So overall I recommend this mascara to anyone looking to have thicker, longer yet seperated lashes. You just have get used to the vibration and work it through the lashes a few times and you will find that it does do what it claims!  Plus - it's cheaper which is always a bonus!

Thanks Tamara for another great review!!


  1. That mascara sounds awesome I need to try it out!!


  2. my grandma sales Avon, maybe I'll try this, thanks!

  3. i should try that i'm in love with the lancome vibrating mascara but its $28 and i can't figure out how to change the battery on it lol