Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last night the storm(blizzard) started and it's still snowing today.  Our area hasn't been plowed yet, so my sweetheart and I are having a snow day!!!  Mostly cleaning and unpacking boxes.  Maybe I will attempt to make some "Power Bar", from a recipe I got yesterday.  Well I got 2 recipes one for a bar you have to bake and one that is non bake bar.  I think i'll tackle the non bake one.  I'm in creating mood but not a baking mood.
Us attending a 50's party.

Snow days make me miss my sister a bit.  We always try to get together on snowy days to hang out to watch movie in our comfy clothes and be crafty.  She will be back from Chile next week and I can't wait to see her.
Tamara & I two summers ago
Well I'm off to unpack another box!!


  1. You and your sister look so much alike...very nice.

  2. When were little people asked us if we were twins, she is actually a year and a half younger than me.