Friday, February 18, 2011

Pastel Cupcakes!

So I finally tried my hand at making a rainbow colored cupcake.  Inspired by reading "How To" post on the The Dainty Squid & Cultural Exposure, who both made yummy looking baked good using food coloring.  On Wednesday evening my niece and I did some baking.  It was her job to pick the colors we were going to make, she was practicing her color making skills. She also picked out the sprinkles that we were going to use, pastel rainbow stars.
 This is the basic run through of the task:
1. Mixed a box of white cake mix as per the directions on the box.
2. Divided the cake mixture into 4 separate bowls.
3. Added food color to the mixture to make four different colors.
4. Lined the the muffin baking sheet with paper cupcakes sleeves.
5. Added cake mixture one color at a time.
6. Bake in oven, and  let cool when done, ice and add sprinkles.

My niece loved, absolutely love doing this project.  She was so good at, and at following directions. She had lots of fun, and so did I!!

Before we started we went to Walmart and Zehrs(my local grocery store) to see if we could find some food coloring other than your basic primary colors, but they had the same box I did.  Where do you get the neon food coloring or anything that is deeper than pastel?  That is all that I seem to be able to make with my kit. And does anyone know if you can use the Wilson Icing coloring on cake mix? I have those and want to know if they would work.
This is my favorite tea cup set! Mushrooms!


  1. I think your cupcakes look so cute all pastel colours but if your after brighter colours you need paste/gel food colouring. Wilton and sugarflair are best but you will only find these online, supermarkets only do the liquids. X

  2. so cute!!!
    beautiful post!!!
    love it!!!=P