Monday, January 24, 2011

What a Week

Sick, sick ,sick.  Last Saturday we all gathered together to celebrate my niece's birthday, with cake, ice cream and presents! We all played with her and ran around like nuts.  Good time.  Although she was fighting a cold that she had for a week she still enjoyed her day.

Boom the next day everyone got sick.  My whole family, 2 brothers, my sis, sis-in-law, dad and myself sick in bed for this past week.  My one brother and sister kick it by Thursday with good old Buckley's and Oil of Oregano.  They were all better by the time they boarded the plane to head out to Chile.  Lucky bums!!
At least Koptos loves the snow!
Now that I feel much better I'm stuck inside, the weather outside is brutal.  I hate the cold.  I think I am allergic to it, seriously.  I break out in hives the minute my skin feels the cold air outside.  My doctor says I should take allergy meds before I do any activity outside. Any whoo that was my week, I am hoping this week will be more productive.

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