Monday, January 17, 2011

I'll give you the Scoop!

So I decided that I am having a new feature on my blog.  An AVON product review!
I started selling AVON in December, which I wanted to do for a long time.  I've been an Avon fan and customer since I was little when my mom use to sell it.  She always love working for Avon and was really successful.  It provided our family with needed income and the possibility to be a "stay at home" mom.  Avon also gave my mom the resources to give us 4 kids Birthday & Christmas gifts, school supplies and clothing each year.  To that I will always have a tender spot in my heart for the Avon company, and wanted to try my hand at selling it as well.
This new feature will highlight & test new and old products.  My sister will help me by being my guinea pig.  Actually she sort of inspired this project, her enthusiasm for some of the things Avon carries plus she always lets me try the latest product on her all time and gives me her brutally honest opinion.  I will have the first review before this weekend. So check it out.

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