Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ding Dong Avon Calling!!

So here is the first post of my Avon Product review.  This week we are trying Avon's Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner.  It's a retractable, self sharpening Eye Liner that wears for up to 12 hours.  The price point is $7.99.  It comes in 6 shades.

black ice                    brown sugar                emerald glow            smokey diamond           sugar plum             twilight sparkle

Here are a few questions I got my sister to answer:
1. What makes the Avon Glimmerstick Diamond liner, a great liner? 
It is easy to apply, creates smooth lines and the diamond glimmer in the color is beautiful. Its not overdone, but subtle.

2. How does this liner compared to other liner pencil in the market?
Its comparable and I would say just as good as most high end liners

3. Longevity of wear? did it wear off after a couple hours? how long did it last?
It did not wear off after a couple of hours. I reapplied slightly after about 5 hours, but that is typical for me because I have oily skin and most liners I have to reapply after a few hours.

4. What make this a great product?
I LOVE the glitter in it, its perfect for adding just a touch of glam to the eye.

5. Have you try other shades in the product line?
I have black and have just purchased the brown because I was able to use a sample of it.

6. Who recommended it to you, and would you recommend this product?
My sister recommended it and I would definitely do that also.

7. How does the price point compare with other liners? Is it worth it's price point?
It is actually cheaper than most high end liners and it wears just as well so it definitely worth the cost.

Thanks Tamara for that, I'll just add a couple points that I found interesting.

1. I honestly believed that a retractable eyeliner would not give me the fine point that you get from sharpening your pencil liner, but I was pleasantly surprise that I could.  I love the fine tip kitty cat eye look, and I was still able to accomplish that.  That made me very happy!

2. I love the smoothness that the liner went on.  It just glided over my lid.  I even try the Sugar Plum color because I have always found that in every brand the Plum color liner rarely goes on easy.  To get a decent line on my lid takes a couple strokes which ends up irritating my lid, they never really glided on.  The Sugar Plum was totally not like that at all, one stroke and that's it!  Pretty pretty eyes!!

3. The price!! $$$ The eyeliners in Avon are rarely ever sold for the full $7.99, it' usually sold for $4.99 or under.  That is crazy!

Next week I'll review some Foot Work products!


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